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Welcome to the Xenolith Network Store!

Here you can donate to support the server and receive some goodies in-game.
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The money donated will be used to pay for the server hosting, upgrades, improvements and of course, coffee for the server developers who work hard to make the server enjoyable for you.

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You can make purchases with a credit/debit card with the PayPal payment method without registering a PayPal account. Just click "Check Out as a Guest" when you are on the PayPal page.

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Donation Goal

205.50 / 300.00 USD (69%)

Top Customer

82.00 USD
Recent Payments
  • homeless
    3x [2x] Cosmetic Key
  • Ant
    1x Mercurius
  • AngelsCreed
    1x Warlord,1x Omega (Pickaxe)
  • Blueberry834
    1x 2x Global multiplier