Name: Jupiter
Price: 40.00

[Jupiter] Rank

You'll gain access to:
- /kit Jupiter -> You're able to examine the kit beforehand using: /kit Jupiter -preview.
- 5 Player Vaults -> Access the Vaults using: /pv [number].
- Changing the name of your items -> Rename items using: /rename [name].
- A maximum of 8 homes -> Set (8) homes using: /sethome [name].
- /seen -> Allows you to see when a player was last seen using: /seen [name].
- /fix all -> Grants you the ability to fix all your items at once.
- /prefix -> Grants you the ability to change your prefix using: /prefix [name].
- /rename -> Grants you the ability to rename an item using: /rename [name].

You'll unlock:
A Limited Creative Gamemode.

- Daily Donator Rewards.
- The [Jupiter] prefix.
- The ability to list 30 items on the Auction House.

- A sell sign limit of 
50 signs.
- A 3x McMMO Experience Multiplier.

Note: Purchasing this Rank, also unlocks all previous ranks.