Thank you for considering a purchase to Xenolith. Xenolith is a Minecraft server run for our community, and all purchases go towards the costs of operating the server. Xenolith is not cheap to maintain and all purchases, large and small, are very much appreciated by the Xenolith Administration Team.


Payments made to Xenolith are non-refundable. Xenolith will always endeavor to provide a satisfactory outcome as is judged best by the Administration Team for all players and Xenolith as a whole. We attempt to be as transparent as possible in our processes and in what you should expect. Even if a player is not satisfied with an outcome, a refund should not be expected, nor will it be given.


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  • You have authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or PayPal account to purchase.
  • By making a payment to Xenolith you are not entitled to any tangible goods.
  • You will not charge back, dispute, or otherwise reverse any payments.
  • You will not abuse and/or misuse your reward(s).
  • We reserve the right to ban any account without notice for any reason.
  • You understand and agree that you will not be issued a refund.
  • You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service as listed above.

If you do not agree with the terms listed above, then do not purchase. Failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions or breaking Server Rules can lead to a permanent ban/IP-ban/blacklist from all our Services without a refund.